The iPhone 2.0 Launch We’ll Never See

The iPhone 2.0 Launch We'll Never See …

The Jobs Keynote begins with the usual stuff, the amazing numbers, the market penetration, Apple is now cooler than cool, etc.

Jobs gives a few minor updates and upgrades to the Macintosh computers. Yawns from the audience.

20 minutes into it, Job starts talking, much to the surprise of the audience, about the 2nd version of the iPhone.

Yes, 3G – this bad boy is fast.

Yes, the app store – wow, there are some cool things in there.

Yes, real Bluetooth – we have keyboards that work and real stereo support for headphones, etc.

Yes, available today.

But then, the one more thing

He brings out Edward E. Whitacre Jr., CEO of AT&T.

He starts with an amazing statement

“As Apple showed us all that phones don't have to stink, we've decided to kick it up a notch and announce that, starting today, AT&T is the phone company that doesn't have to stink anymore.

Starting today … if you have an iPhone and have a data plan with us, please use our WiFi network with our compliments.

Starting today … if you pay $10 more, you're more than welcome to tether the iPhone as a wireless modem. If you want unlimited, it's $30 more.

Starting today … if you want a 2nd gen iPhone, you can grab one – for $199 and an extension of your contract for 2 more years.

Starting today … we've built an app into the phone that tells you how much calls and data will cost you in different countries.

Starting today … if you want to cancel your contract before the end of the two years, we simply ask that you pay back the $300 we kicked in on the phone when you bought it. We need you for two years to pay for $300 of your phone – fair enough?

Starting today … we charge you for a paper version of your bill. The application on your iPhone will let your know you status at any point. Let's be as green as we can here.

Starting today … my blog, hosted on an Apple Server, is open for comments. We really want you to know what you think about the New AT&T.

Starting today … Podcasts in the iTunes Store – and yes, Podcasts work great over 3G.

But then again, as I said above, we'll never see that.

But wouldn't it be nice?

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