New Media’s Future Has Little To Do With Your Desktop or Laptop

Today I drove in the car listening to a Podcast I streamed over the Edge network on my (v1) iPhone. Didn’t have the time to sync things up this morning and since I have a charger in my car, I really didn’t need to sync. And this was over the SLOWEST data network this country has to offer. Twas truly on-demand radio.

Tonight after we put the kids to bed we’ll be watching a pay per view movie we rented on the xBox. Comcast, who needs you?

My 8 year old is reading a Ramona book tonight. She’s reading it on a Kindle – we downloaded the book via “Whispernet” a few minutes ago.

I’m getting ready for my speech at Google on Tuesday (fun doing that when you have no idea what Job’s is going to announce on Monday) and need to review some previous events over there. I’ll be reviewing them on my Apple TV streaming YouTube directly on my HDTV – sans computer. I can then focus on the content.

And I have to do a bit of work tomorrow. I owe my New Media Inner Circle students some content. A number of them will get their content shot straight to their iPods without a computer in the middle through the Casgle Podium Box I keep talking about.

I’m in the process of revamping One of the features I’m most excited about introducing is the delivery of the Podcast episodes over the phone.

Next week (or maybe the week after, depending on what his Steveness releases on Monday), I’ll be launching that on demand DVD and CD product for Podcasters. It will be so nice to let Podcasters deliver their content without having to explain syncing to their audience. Should have some case studies in time for New Media Expo.

Next week I have a quick trip to Vegas. I’m considering not bringing the laptop. Between my Kindle and iPhone, I got the connectivity I need for a few days of intense training.

The future of New Media has little to do with your desktop or laptop.

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