A Podcast Affiliate Program That Pays Mighty Nicely

One of the nice things about charging real scratch for your Podcast content is that you can actually pay real scratch to your affiliates.

Being able to pay real scratch to your affiliates means you got a real chance of affiliates actually trying to promote your product.

The Project Management Prepcast has an affiliate program that pays 30%.

Now, 30% of a $4.00 a month Podcast … yeah, not so much.

30% of a $1.98 a month service … you get the idea.

But 30% of a $50 product delivered by Podcast … that's $15 for helping out a project management student get ready for the course.

Nice. About average for the Project Management industry – not Podcasting.

Great job Cornelius!

(I interviewed Cornelius for the Profitable Podasting Podcast awhile back if you are interested. He's a smart guy doing this right on so many levels.)

And, obviously, he's become the poster child for Premiumcast.com.

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