A Very Cool Story Of Podcast Marketing And Cross Promotion

Have you been “reading” 7th Son? A lot of people have. Great stuff.

This very cool scifi “serialized audiobook” (delivered by Podcast) has had a great following for some time. I've never really given J.C. Hutchins the props he deserves for making the most of this space up till now.

Today, I'm gonna tell a very cool story – with some even cooler numbers.

The promote the book, J.C. came up with a very cool collectible poster campaign. You can read more about it here. His total cost – his time and $70 in some stock photography fees. Very innovative. Very viral. Very keeping in lines with his brand and product.

Oh, and yeah, the product looks KILLER.

So, what did he get for his $70 and time? Well, about 2 weeks later (and the effects of this will be seen for some time).

1 – A more than 6x increase in page views to his site (better numbers than even the day he got Boing Boinged – by more than 2x).

2 – Hundreds of new subscribers (and remember, for a serialized audiobook series, a subscriber means a lot of downloads).

3 – Hundreds of outbound clicks each day to sites who helped him in the promotion (love the win/win).

4 – Additional product for his biggest fans (love the win/win/win).

It is stories like these that make me love this space.

No agencies involved, no committee meeting, no consultants explaining the “power of social media” …

Just a guy getting to work, leveraging what he has, and seeing some killer results.

You can do this.

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