WWDC 2008 – Covering The Livebloggers With A New Media Take

I love a good Jobs Keynote as much as anyone else does. I’m as big of a fanboy as the next guy and do plan one day to go to one of these events live.

And, yes, I’m following the livebloggers but … I’m trying to do the whole angle of a “new media” take on what’s happening – as the gear’s real “fun” is in the revenue it can help bring us new media types.

Here’s what I’m following:
Cali and Neal on Ustream. Just too much fun.

Engadget’s “live” Keynote Reporting. They always seem to get the good stuff.

Ars at WWDC ’08. The content from Ars Technica seems to be getting better and better. Note: First blog to go down.

Techcrunch’s “Let The Games Begin.” Their live coverage hasn’t been much so far – but they always have great content. We’ll see what they come up with.

And of course, as a good geek, I have to follow what’s happening up over at Twitter. I just can’t believe they’re gonna stay up through this.

But now … the content …

Actually, I have to start with my first statement.

Yes, in the grand scheme of things this is “big” but … it ain’t big in any “real world” numbers. The streaming, the blogging, the twitters, etc. – they can’t (infrastructure / not content) handle a Steve Keynote – how can we expect them to handle “real” media events. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the Web isn’t for streaming … time shifted content is our future.

O.k., now the real content …

Three parts to Apple: Mac, Music/iPod/iTunes, and iPhone. This is good. Distinguishing Music/iPod/iTunes as a “part” of Apple means we can not have to worry about the whole Mac v PC thing. That’s good for all involved.

API stuff. The more they open to the world (not always the Apple way of doing things), the more us new media types can get in there.

The pirate audio feed from the WWDC. Without sounding too geeky, Nothing Can Stop The Signal. In short, you can’t beat ’em, you have to join ’em.

eBay applications on the iPhone. The site for the democratization of commerce is working with the iPhone. Important.

TypePad application for the iPhone. We all know what blogs have done for Podcasting. If TypePad has one, we’ll see one for WordPress before the end of the day?

The gazillion game demos. iPod is platform. I’ve been saying that for a long time. Actually, iTunes is the OS, iPod is the clients / iPhone is the client / Apple TV is the client.

Apple push notification service. Smart solution.

New iPhone features. The iWork and Office documents support makes a lot of sense.

Parental controls. We needed that. My kids play with my iPhone too much not to have this.

Personal iPhone application distribution. Sure, it’s being promoted as an “Enterprise Solution” but this will be leveraged for businesses. I can see some very cool new media applications here.

Mobile Me. Push email, contacts and calendars. Cloud computing is very cool – but part of Podcasting’s future – no doubt at all.

3G iPhone. Much faster new media delivery. Battery life very impressive too – 7 hours of video / 24 hours of audio / 5-6 hours of 3G browsing. Nice portable media player. iTunes is the OS / iPhone is a client people. $199 to $399 for price points. Availability for a good chunk of the world. Rollout July 11.

There is. I’m sure I’ll have some more commentary later – but let’s get this out.

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