Using Feedburner’s Tools With Your Domain (Freedburner MyBrand)

Just a quick tip.

We all love Feedburner and can’t get enough of what they have to offer but … I never like putting too much power into the hands of one other company.

Awhile ago Feedburner instituted a program called “MyBrand” that would let you use their service with your domain. Perfect win/win and it kept everyone honest. Was well worth the price too.

Well, since Google purchased Feedburner, the MyBrand feature has been free.

Most don’t use it – because I’m going to guess that they don’t know how to set it up.

This video should solve that.

(click the Full Screen icon on the embedded video to get high-quality full screen video of this)

So, yes is the same thing as

BTW, if you’re not the embedded video type and need to click through, feel free to view the video at YouTube, MySpace, Metacafe, DailyMotion,, Veoh, Crackle, Stupid Videos, Sclipo, Howcast or 5min.

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