Regarding Apple And The Money “Lost” To ATT

Oh the buzz, the discussion, the “conversation” about Apple losing their revshare with ATT in order to get the iPhones out cheap.

Oh the buzz, the discussion, the “conversation” that ain’t happening about Apple about …

… an AppStore where Apple takes 30% of all sales. Some have projected a Billion dollars in a year. I wouldn’t go that far, but it is going to be very good for Apple.

(oh, and there is the whole AppStore revenue is worldwide for Apple – not just the U.S.A. with ATT)

… an estimated 30% of the songs, television shows and movies sold (can you say 5 billion songs so far and 50,000 movies a day?). Yes, I’d enjoy a slice of that pie.

So, Apple got someone else to pay the premium on a device that will make them much more money than the people paying the premium will ever see from the device.

Mix in with that a $199 iPhone and, wow … things are only looking up for Cupertino.

If you aren’t selling inside of that engine, one would have to ask “why?”

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