Grammar Girl’s New Book

Grammar Girl’s book comes out on the 8th. I got an advanced copy – but I’m thrilled to point you in the direction of the first 50 pages (in PDF).

This book has a long story attached to it. I touched on it a bit at my Google presentation and in a previous episode of Profitable Podcasting but, dear friends, this one has been a long time coming.

But, let’s ask the real question … is it any good?

You need to remember that the promise of the book here is “Quick and Dirty Tips For Better Writing.”

As a Blogger (oh, and heck, there were those books too), I can/should use any tips I can possibly find to becomes me a better writer. The problem is, I always hated English/Grammar Class of all shapes and sizes (don’t hate me Mignon) and barely paid enough attention to pass myself off as an English speaker.

This is, in short, the stuff I should have paid attention to – the stuff that I need.

It’s presented in a way that’s makes it as entertaining as it possibly can be and, as a bonus, has the grammar rules for emailing, texting, etc. – the stuff they couldn’t have dreamed of when I was in school.

This one is gonna (that was for you, Grammar Girl) stay on my shelf and be referenced for a long time coming.

And when my eight year old tells me “Dad, I hate English class,” I’ll lend her my copy.

Maybe she’ll grows up a better writer then me.

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