Charge For Webinars? Of Course You Can!

Note: About halfway into writing this I realized that every vendor I talk about in this piece has a free or $1 trial offer so if you want to try to do this, look at the links at the end of this – and my very cool (I pay you / not vice versa) offer. We're talking $0 for your entry into the paid Webinar game.

I'm in the middle of my Summer Webinar Series so when Tim Bourquin pointed out this silly blog post, I had reactions on multiple levels. Took me a day to digest this stuff but … let's examine the issues at play here.

First of all, yes, my Summer Webinar Series is “free.” The goal of this series is simple – I'm building up a great opt-in list of people interested in the monetization of New Media. Will I be offering this list paid Webinars down the line? You bet I will.

What I think “The Webinar Blog” is trying to say (in a nutshell) in this post is “you can charge, but it is easier not to.”

Of course it's easier not to charge for anything, but sometimes, you want to pay the bills. And, trust me, what I will do with the list gathered from my Summer Webinar Series will pay the bills quite nicely. And of course, I could enter my token “and if you pay the bills doing this, you can offer even better content cause you're not competing with your day job any more” comments but I won't (in this post at least).

Rant over – back to content.

My favorite model for Webinars is this – do a live Webinar event and then produce the event into a Podcast. Here's a recording I did about that very model (yes, that one is free – but you bet there is a paid option to0). There are paid and free paths to this model – depending on what your end game is.

How Do You Charge For A Webinar? Is There Really No Easy Mechanism?

Actually, there is an incredibly easy mechanism.

1 – Charge them for the “ticket” using anything from PayPal (free) to (30 day free test drive) to my favorite – (not free for the ecommerce mechanism – but keep reading).

2 – On the thank you page, give them the registration information for your Webinar. My favorite companies – GoToWebinar (Free Trial available) and ($1 for 21 day trial – and it's not just teleseminar – they've got webinar features included). I've used GotoWebinar for the first 3 Webinars in the Summer Webinar Series – the one this Wednesday will use InstantTeleseminar for the Webinar on Blogging.

That's it. It's pretty easy.

Bonus …

3 – Offer those who can't make it a live a chance to catch the recording of the event. Now you know why I'm such a big fan of Podcasting.

So, this offer I hinted at in the first paragraph of this piece.

May I challenge you?

May I give you some free publicity?

May I pay you for your Webinar?

1 – Anyone who posts a legitimate paid Webinar in the comments below, I'll compile them all for a big post with lots of link love and Google juice spillover. You can do this! Let me send you some traffic.

2 – The first three people to post a legitimate paid Webinar (with a topic that interests me) with a ticket of less than $100, I'll buy a ticket. Can't promise I can attend but you'll provide that archive option now, won't you? I'm not willing to be your only customer, but I've very willing to be one of a small crowd. Remember, when you're done, you've got content you can do some very cool things with later. Let me pay you.

3 – If you use to run this, I'll refund you your first 3 months (whatever level you sign up for).

One more time, here are those links:

  • Take Payment For Your Webinar (Credit Cards and Checks) with – PayPal (free).
  • (30 day free test drive) is the engine I used to sell 7 figures in products online. They work wonderfully.
  • (3 months free if you do this – just leave a comment below) is the engine we use to sell Podcast content (and do I dare say a “version 2 of This could be perfect for selling access to your Webinar. The system even generates the thank you pages – you don't even need a web site.
  • “Do” your Webinar With – GoToWebinar (Free Trial available). I've done dozens with them and I love their system.
  • Here's an alternative Webinar Option – ($1 for 21 day trial). If you want to see them in action, attend Wednesday's Webinar (or at least sign up for the archive).

Leave your comments and information about your paid Webinar below.

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