Traffic Secrets 2.0 With John Reese – An Experiment In Affiliate Marketing

As I write this, John Reese is launching version 2 of his Traffic Secrets product.

Notice, I haven’t linked to it yet …

His launch brings up some very interesting issues in the world of affiliate marketing, etc.

First of all, very few people promoting or marketing the product have actually seen the thing – I sure haven’t and I’ve only read the review of one who has. Promoting a product site-unseen is a fascinating concept. I won’t touch on that here. I will point out that although Traffic Secrets 2.0 is an unknown entity, John Reese is not.

Secondly, and this is where it get’s really fascinating, the whole world of disclosure enters into play here. As people link to a product that they see revenue from, should they disclose this fact or not? How obvious should the disclosure be? I something like a Blog Disclosure Policy enough?

See this is fascinating because not only did John Reese “make his money” in the first launch of Traffic Secrets (he sold over a million dollars worth of his original product in less than 24 hours), a lot of others made a lot of cash (promoting the product through affiliate links) as well. How much cash? I know one guy who made enough to buy a “hummer and a half” in just a week of promoting the product – and he wasn’t the top sales guy if I remember correctly.

And I can feel good about experimenting on a product like this because I know if anyone picks it up, it comes from someone who actually knows this world of traffic generation.

Heck, look at the traffic he’s generating here …

Side note, and I think this is fascinating. Reese is selling 2.0 for much less than 1.0. I’m not sure if it is a “recession reaction” or some other strategy – but will be interesting to watch sales as well.

So, the experiment.

I sent a mailing to my list with links to Traffic Secrets 2.0. The mailing contained 2 links:

Link 1: Direct link to Traffic Secrets 2.0 where I receive no credit if they click.

Link 2: Affiliate link to Traffic Secrets 2.0 where I receive credit if they click.

Note: in every mailing I’ve ever done, the first link always gets the most clicks.

Now, I’ve offered no bonus for “buying Traffic Secrets” through my link. So this is just plain and simple here – very few complications.

Questions I have

1 – What percentage of clicks in the email will be for the direct link versus the affiliate link?

2 – What percentage of click in this blog post (of course I’m tracking them) will be direct link versus affiliate link?

Note: Obviously some will click on both, I know that (but they do go to the same place). Some will even click over to a more traditional piece on Traffic Secrets at

Place your predictions here.

Closest prediction wins a prize. I’ll be talking about that in the next blog piece.

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