Microsoft Podcasting And The New Media Expo

Full Disclosure – I am a Microsoft Digital Media MVP – but I am typing this on my MacBook Pro (and listend to my last 3 Podcasts on my iPhone). I’ve always been a “best technology for the job” kinda guy and I’ll hope you’ll read this with that in mind.

The clock over at New Media Expo reminds us all that we have 22 days until the big event. You’ll be hearing a lot from me about the event (so, if you haven’t already, do subscribe), but let’s talk one really important issue today …

Microsoft is getting serious here – and they are worth a second look.

Zune is a sponsor of this New Media Expo – not many have noticed this very exciting little fact.

You played with the new Zune yet? Not only does the Zune have a friendlier Podcast Platform than iTunes (wireless sync still isn’t in iPhone v2 and I won’t even get into sharing) but the face of Podcasting at Microsoft (Rob Greenlee) embraces the public and can be reached via email and phone. He’ll be at the Zune booth, drop by and say “hi.” While you’re at it, check out the new Zune.

BTW, I’ll have a fully charged Zune with me and will gladly wirlessly sync, and listen to, the most recent episode of anyone who shares their Podcast wirelessly with me at the Expo. If good, I’ll give you some promotion here.

I’d accept wireless syncs from iPhones but …

I’ll say it here – where is Apple? They’ve got a community that loves them but I’d sure love them to love us back. Why won’t they give a public face to Podcasting? Why aren’t they at the show?

It’s not just the portable players that excite me at Microsoft. The Podcasting Kit for Sharepoint is the only serious corporate play for my favorite distribution channel in the world. Sharepoint is by no means a perfect product but again, when you compare with what else is out there (what else is out there?), at least Redmond is trying to take this meme in some fascinating directions.

The amount of conversations I’ve had this week alone regarding the need for something like PKS is what triggered this posting. If we’re going to get serious about delivery this way, we have to get serious about delivery this way. PKS is part of that story – a very important one.

Here’s another point – PKS will be showing off their wares at the Odeo booth. Yes, the Odeo booth. There are some partnerships between these two working on a secure Podcatcher for the Enterprise that should fascinate anyone looking for Podcasting’s next step. We need multiple secure distribution mechanisms for portable new media – will their’s be viable? I’ll be spending some time at the booth trying to figure that out. I recommend you do the same.

Getting the feeling the New Media Expo is going to be about more than the latest USB Mic this year?

And, of course, speaking of serious players in this space, will have a booth at the Expo. I won’t be there all hours (we’re going to have many of our Podcast Secrets students showing off their shows) – but I’d love to have you drop by and check out what we’re up to as well.

And yes, Premiumcast works with the Zune.

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