Podcast Monetization Comes In Many Ways – Running The Numbers Again

I got this email from a Podcast Secrets student a couple days back. Wanted permission to post it first – but check this out:

I just wanted to share this:

I just booked a new client with a $4k fee today. I have been mentioning my emotional intelligence business as a “sponsor” of my Yes You Can podcast. This client listened to four podcasts and choose to make an appointment in my online system.

I was thrilled and it was a hoped for but somewhat unexpected monetization of my podcasts. Now I’ll create a new PLA that points people to the appointment system and see how that works.

Thanks to you and Alex for helping me see podcasting as a channel and for opening up to various new opportunities.


Joseph Liberti

For those not “up” on the lingo for Podcast Secrets, a PLA is a “Post Listen Action” – it’s the action you want the audience member to take after consumption of your Podcast content (yes, you can have a PLA on a Video Podcast as well). It’s never a good idea to have more than one PLA per episode – but that’s another posting all together.

Let’s run the numbers on this. He made a $4,000 booking fee from his show.

Using traditional ad inserts on a $40 CPM Podcast (which I still think is fantasy for most, but I’ll “play the game”), he would have needed 100,000 downloads to see that kind of return.


At the typical ad insert model of $10 CPM, he would have needed 400,000 downloads – nearly a half a million.

Joseph’s path is so much easier.

If you sell your own product – if you are your own product – Podcast Monetization is so much easier.

And, dear friends, if you are producing Podcast content, … you are producing product.

You can do this.

Congrats Joseph!

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