Podcast Secrets Reunion – A Physical Meetup For A Virtual Class?

On the Wednesday right before the New Media Expo, we're hosting our 2nd annual Podcast Secrets Reunion.

A physical reunion for a virtual event? You bet … and let me explain why (and what you might learn from the concept regardless of what you think of the class (or Expo).

The virtual, the timeshift, the online – it's all good – and it lets us do some very powerful things but sometimes … you need the face to face.

Sometimes you need to shake a hand, or heck even hug someone to help put it all together.

So we get together with past students who want to put it all together and then head into the New Media Expo as friends, with a partner, with a little bit of preparation, etc. It's a good idea on many levels. Truth be told, my favorite part of the reunion was when we taught the students how to handle the Expo, who to listen to, who to steer away from etc. I can't help but laugh at the memory of one reunion attendee who went to a party the first night and said “Paul, did you know that Adam Curry, th old MTV VJ was into Podcasting too?” Good times …

And of course, to add to this seemingly doublespeak piece (physical reunion for virtual class), I have to point out that we've got a few attending the reunion who weren't actually Podcast Secrets students. It's an offer we make because some need the physical first before the virtual. We even have a an option (although limited at 9) to buy next year's class at this year's rate so you can get in to the reunion at the alumni rate.

Truth be told, only a small percentage of the students will attend – but this realization (and reminder) that there is a real, physical element to all of this is good for everyone involved.

Oh and yeah, the content, … we'll be covering some great things this round that help fill out the picture of what is so very possible in this very exciting New Media space.

Would love to see as many of you as possible at the Reunion. But with the numbers this Blog has, I'm thrilled that so many of you can learn about a concept so rich in possibility.

FWIW, the 50 person limit on the event is not artificial. It is all the room holds and lets us make sure our events is as intimate as we want it to be. Vegas is a big town with a lot of people – our get together will be the exact opposite. I recommend you do the same if you ever do something like this yourself.

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