From Maker To Merchant – A Sneak Preview Of My New Media Expo Presentation

This Friday at 2pm, I hit the stage at the New Media Expo. Not only am I up against the wonders of Vegas but Rob Walch, Mark Alyn, Andrew Lock, John Havens and Shel Holtz have their presentations at the same time. Wow …

My goal for this posting is simple. Let me help you answer the question – “should I attend Paul's presentation, or Rob's/Mark's/Andrew's/John'sorShel's presentation?

The “official” description for mine is as follows:

There is real money to be made in new media. Martyrs and mavens from the bleeding edge have paved paths worth deep examination for anyone looking to pay bills (and more) with their content. Join Paul Colligan in this session as he completes the third part of his three-year series on the very real business of podcasting and new media profits. Learn exactly how to build on the successful models others have already designed. Discover a simple 27-day plan for content monetization that can be followed by anyone with valuable content and a willingness to learn. Leave the session with an outline for what comes next for you! Paul is well-known for his time-tested approach to content monetization. If you want to leave the expo with a plan for making money with your media, don't miss this exciting session!

7 reasons to attend:

  • Monetization of your content is your most important issue right now.
  • You desire to understand the business issues of New Media.
  • You want to examine the models of those who are financially successful in our “space.”
  • The concept of a 27-day plan intrigues you.
  • You have valuable content – or want to learn how to create it.
  • You know the right information can help you break through.
  • You are READY to move from Maker to Merchant (don't worry, you can keep Making too).

7 reasons to attend another session:

  • Monetization doesn't matter to you.
  • You'd rather get “Making” help than any other kind right now.
  • The idea of a 27-day plan terrifies you (it does some – you'd be surprised).
  • This “isn't about” valuable content for you.
  • You have all the information you already need.
  • You don't ever want to see revenue from your New Media projects.
  • The topic of any of the other presenters seems more important to you right now.

The trick now is to condense my 157 slides into a 60 minute presentation. Glad Vegas has lots of Starbucks.

I hope to see the people in my session who need my session. Will you be one of them?

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