Update: full recording of the Webinar here.

It was such a blast at the New Media Expo to share the model for and what we're doing with it. A few things have come from the event so I wanted to keep you all in the loop.

Lots of questions – let's answer them live. I'm hosting a live Webinar this Friday where I'll be answering as many questions as I can about the system. You can register for free here. No cost to get in but you need to subscribe to get a seat.

The New Media Expo recordings are now available via As you can see here, the complete recordings from New Media Expo 2008 are available for purchase using the engine. Very cool process, once you purchase you have complete access by RSS – i.e., you can click the good old “GET ALL” button in iTunes and it all comes to the iPod – forget these lame download it all, sync it all nonsense.

The Blog is back and in good form. I won't be updating this Blog about issue (unless they're really big) – so if you want to be kept up to date on all things, take a look at the Blog. And, obviously, you can always subscribe to the RSS feed for the Blog.

Physical products are now possible. Perhaps saving the best for last, I wanted to make sure everyone knew that we now have complete integration with What does this mean? Well, now, you can offer a physical version of your product in addition to all of these virtual options. Hint: Mom doesn't get the whole download thing yet and is a lot more likely to buy with that physical option.

Piqued your interest? Got questions? Isn't it a great thing that we've got that Webinar on Friday?

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