Tracking The Stompernet Launch On The New Media Matters Show

As I'm sure you've been hearing buzz about around the new, Stompernet is launching something very cool this Wednesday. It's a game changer on multiple levels – and just deconstructing this launch would give anyway a serious boost in their online know how.

I, of course, am taking a different handle on this.

Tomorrow (Tuesday the 2nd) at 2PM Pacific, I'll be detailing my plans on a special edition of the New Media Matters Show. If you've got questions, or want the real scoop on the Stompernet Stomping The Search Engines product, attend live. I think you'll enjoy my “take” on the whole thing – and a little something extra I thought up ….

And then, 30 minutes before the launch on Wednesday, we'll turn on the cameras again and watch the launch. Will the servers go down? Is the deal really worth it? What else did they throw in, etc. Enjoy the launch with a bunch of friends.

You can tune in here live at the Blog (on this post) or visit –

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