What I Learned From The Stompernet Live Stream

Update: If you click over to the Stompernet STSE free launch, they’ll take your email address and notify you when all is well with the server. This won’t put you on any list – just the update notification process.

It has been a fascinating day. I started it by dropping off my youngest at Kindergarten and I end it with this Blog post. It twas, however, the stuff in the middle I want to write about.

As per my previous blog post, the plan today was to “cover” the Stomping the Search Engines 2 launch.

Yes, that was the plan … 45 minutes max I was thinking …

After 150 minutes online waiting for the launch to happen, I decided to close down shop. Actually, it was to pick up my youngest from her first day at Kindergarten as mentioned above.

Along the way though I learned a few things. I thought I’d share them here:

  • A 30 minute setup is way too much setup. Even if the site went off live without a hitch, my adlibbing for 30 minutes wasn’t needed. The Internet is a media of immediacy and we need to respect that fact.
  • Live streaming of the desktop isn’t ready for prime time yet. It’s just the nature of the beast that we’re dealing with right now. If you’re going to stream the desktop through something live Ustream, 200×240 pixels max. If you want more, use a Webinar product or service.
  • Switching your own show from your desktop while trying to provide content is probably too much for most. It sure was for me. I’ll get better at this but a traditional “producer” or “director” might be the type of thing I/we need.
  • One step ahead, you’re a visionary – two steps ahead you’re a martyr. I can’t think of a new massive launch or a stream that has worked as planned the first time around. If you’re gonna be first (and big), things are gonna go wrong and take much longer than it should. You might want to be prepared for that – and then a few hours or days to your plan.

I had a fun time today and for those who joined me online in the craziness, I thank you for keeping me company. For Andy and the team, thanks for being willing to be so different that their simply isn’t anything in the playbook to run by.

One last comment: Everything that happened today says nothing about the Stomping the Search Engines product and the Net Effect magazine. You want this product and the price is undeniably amazing.

I just hope maybe I taught you something here to hold you over until you receive your copy.

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