I Declare The Ninja Podcasting’s First Franchise (Oh, Yeah, The Book Is Hillarious Too)

Disclaimer: I’m not really writing in code, I’m just using some phrases well known to fans of the Ask a Ninja Podcast. If this is the first thing you’ve read from me, I’m sorry …

For the last few nights I’ve been reading the The Ninja Handbook from Douglas Sarine and Kent Nichols. Sure, I’m a fan, but something really interesting has happened here, … this is a great book.

You know that feeling you get every time they announce a movie from a Saturday Night Live character? You know the one I’m talking about … can’t wait but … sure hope it doesn’t stink. Some things make the transition brilliantly – The Blues Brothers, Wayne’s World, etc. Then, there are always the Pat’s and Ladies Mans of the world.

And of course, the real task is not taking a 5 minutes sketch and making a full movie for the fans – the task is taking that sketch, movie it to a movie and making new fans. It ain’t easy, and it is seldom done right.

I’m a fan of the Ninja and Podcasting in general – you know that … I would have purchased the book had I not received the advanced media copy (I did pay full price for the t-shirt and the DVD guys) and would have said nice things about it regardless. I get the joke and I love the humor.

But again, and I can’t stress this enough, … this is a GREAT book. It’s flipping hilarious and does more than cater to the fans – it caters to people who like flipping hilarious books (an even bigger audience believe it or not). It catches all the elements of pop culture the show’s been known for but kicks it up a notch in (long) book form. Don’t worry, this isn’t one of those books with lots of extra pages and huge print – this is 300+ pages of pure Ninja goodness.

So, the Ninja has taken over the Webernets, the DVD space, fashion, and the book space. You not only catch him on the crazy iPod that the kids are playing with, but you can order him via the Netflix the parents are playing with and read him in the bookstores that the Grandparents still hang out at. Don’t forget that all this can happen while anyone across any of these demographics proudly wears a real Ninja t-shirt

(p.s., Gary, I won’t be taking PleaseDressMe.com seriously until you have real Ninja shirts in your search).

So – the book review – Excellent, 4 Start, the Ninja can kill me now – I’ve laughed enough.

But more importantly, Ninja is our first true franchise and it couldn’t have happened to a nicer (and more deadlier) guy.

Pick up the copy of the book and laugh yourself to death (before the Ninja kills you) but take note of what has happened here.

And I believe that you are Ninja too …

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