Today’s Starz On Netflix Announcement Is Big

As reported, people who use the Netflix streaming service, can now get movies from Starz (the cable movie channel). Right now, out of the box, you can stream movies like Spider Man 3, Enchanted, and Dan in Real Life.

Earlier I reported on a product called PlayOn that let's you stream and some other sources right to your Xbox. Their $30 product at the time “promised” coming Netflix integration but I really don't like to report until we know for sure.

They turned on Netflix integration last week. It didn't get much attention but was a very impressive implementation. I was going to do a quick video but then with this morning's announcement …

So now, as you can see in the video embedded below, you can get streaming videos from most of the television networks on your television set. With the Netflix/Starz announcement, you're not just stuck with Netflix's “limited” streaming library but you now have access to a premium movie channel's library, all on demand.

Remember that Microsoft will be introducing a direct Netflix option with their Fall Xbox update the eliminates the need for the Playon product. It also doesn't bring you Hulu or any of the other sources (so far) and costs $50 a year.

Once you figure out how to connect this all, total access to all this goodness (via the Netflix account) is less than $10 a month.

Remind me why people pay for cable again?

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