What The “Spotlight Turns To Notebooks” Event Means To New Media

Like many, I’ve been watching the livebloggers during Apple’s “Spotlight Turns To Notebooks” event. Currently I’m “watching” Engadget and Ars Technica (for those of you playing along at home).

As always, my comments on what this all “means” in the New Media space:

  • First, we start with the obligatory Apple is doing extremely well comment. Is it the “better software” comment that Jobs made? Yes, I can’t/don’t recommend Vista to anyone asking me what computer “they should get.” I push Mac with the obligatory you can always put Windows on it if you must statement. I hope Windows 7 learns something from this. Is it any wonder that with their 17% of their market share, Mac users tend to be close to 50% of the consumption of the New Media we put out and track?
  • The way Apple questions the very nature of products should make everyone take note. The way they asked if they could make the portable music player changed everything and with this new approach to building laptops, we see this spirit hasn’t changed. The touchpad/mouse loses the button. Are you doing anything in New Media that you need to re-examine?
  • These chips are going to speed up video rendering something fierce. Can I hear an Amen?
  • The under a thousand dollar Macbook is extremely important. A total and complete video and audio editing center for around the price of what my parents bought their first VCR for in the 70s. Sales will go up – even in these “times.”

It’s always a pleasure to “watch” these events and participate in them through this “underground” approach. In many ways it is extremely “New Media” – nothing is delivered via the traditional channels and the excitement is as high as a Hollywood premiere or a television season cliffhanger. Apple remains an inspiration and, now, the next task is to convince myself that I really “need” a new Macbook Pro …

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