FAQ – How Can We Make It Better?

For those not interested in paid/tracked/individualized RSS, just skip this article.

Slowly but surely, the documentation and training for is coming together. The first step is to make sure that people understand what the thing actually does in the first place. Below is revision 1 of our public FAQ for I'd love your thoughts, questions, comments, additions, etc.

1. What is Premiumcast?

Premiumcast is the best ecommerce automation, affiliate management, membership site creation, podcast and rss publishing system on the planet. Literally anything you need is available at your fingertips. Feel free to browse the site and if you have any questions, feel free to ask.

2 .Where can I go to see when new features are added?

You can go to the blog at to stay current on upcoming webinars and new features.

3. What are the differences between the levels?

With the free version you can create a podcast with our system as well as be an affiliate for premiumcast and the other products and podcasts in our directory. With the pro version, you can create premium podcasts and products. With the Viral version, you can create membership sites as well as everything the other 2 offer.

4. Does Premiumcast work with WordPress?

Yes, as a matter of fact, we have a plugin you can use to enhance your memberships.

Go here for all the details:

5. Does premiumcast work with Aweber, other e-mail systems, shopping carts, membership sites?

Yes it does. It is very easy to setup. Premiumcast is already listed with aweber, so check out this link to get it working with Aweber. For all the others, we have a Remote API you can work with to incorporate into premiumcast.

6. What is the premium viral feature?

The premium viral feature allows you to use your own banner, rather then our banner and to have your own domain associated with it. It allows you to use your own branding, rather than

7. What are personal broadcasts?

Personal broadcasts allow you to send a message to an individual subscriber. This changes the way you can communicate with your audience. Now you can speak to one person directly.

8. How do I get affiliates?

In order to have affiliates, you need to have our viral account. In there you will setup for affiliates and then let people know they have to sign up for a free account at, or your own personal link found in the “Affiliate Manager -> My Affiliates” tab, and then sign up to be an affiliate to promote your product.

9. Can I list my premium podcast in ITunes?

At this point ITunes does not allow for the sale of podcasts, as a result, you can't sell your premium podcast on itunes. You can, however, list free/unpaid/regular podcasts created with the premiumcast system on ITunes.

10. Do I need to get a shopping cart?

No, but you will need a merchant account to accept credit cards. You can use 2Checkout, Paypal, or by setting them up in your account profile located at My Acount –> Profile/Preferences.

11. Do you host my files?

No. You will already need to have hosting as you will be linking to these files. If you need hosting, a good place to go would be

12. Do you take a percentage of my profits?

No. You keep everything.

13. How do I take credit cards?

Easily. Premiumcast works with, 2Checkout, and Paypal. You can set these up in the My Acount –> Profile/Preferences tab.

14. How does the physical disk option work?

You need to have an account already with konaki. You will simply set up that option beforehand, in the My Acount –> Profile/Preferences tab, then link to the product.

15. Must I use your branding?

No. If you want to have your own branding, you can do that. You can setup your banner and customize the buttons when you setup your product/membersite.

16. How can I protect my feed from those who don’t pay? is setup so that only those who pay to get your podcast/product/feed will get it. No one else can access it.

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