Devaluing Content Is A Bad Move Right Now

First of all, I have to start off by saying this is a killer deal. Anyone wearing a thinking cap will know that some of the sessions are worth more than others but the little “Vault Sale” over at Podcast Academy is a good deal (for you).

No, this isn’t an affiliate link

Now for TNC New Media and Gigavox, let’s talk strategy.

152 sessions (let’s say they’re an hour each) for $99.95 means each session is less than 66 cents a track.

Personally, my three (which I guess are all in the pack) are my finest three hours of content (not available in Podcast Secrets) and I’m a little biffed that they’re cheaper than an Americano at Starbucks but … that’s Tim’s choice.

But, bigger picture.

Some folk in our space are panicking.

Bad move.

We are in more control of our content than we’ve ever been.

“Big Media” is falling apart even quicker in the midst of this corporate chaos.

Keep the faith, own your stuff, don’t devalue what your doing and keep producing content of value.

I know the argument will be “hey, $99 ain’t chump changed and if Tim can get it, more power to him.

I’d agree but, … packaging it as a higher level product (I’d bet good money) marketed correctly would resulted in a bigger net, albeit with less sales.

But then I could at least say my content costs more than an a cup of coffee.

I realized something today that really hit my fancy. It’s kinda on topic – kinda not. Cornelius Fitchner is currently selling his PMPrepcast Product for $49.99 a pop. That’s a FORTY-NINE-THOUSAND-DOLLAR effective CPM.

What’s the CPM on this one?

Should this kinda thing be our goal?

Is “how cheap can we sell this?” really a good idea?

If you want the content, grab it, before Tim wises up.

At least, let’s hope he does.

Thoughts …?

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