Teleseminar Secrets 2009 – Watch This Sales Model

If you’ve read my blog for any amount of time, you know of my appreciation/fascination with Alex Mandossian’s Teleseminar Secrets program.

I’d love to deconstruct his sales process / model for you here.

Anyone looking to sell a “big ticket” product could learn from it.

Anyone who doesn’t think a “big ticket” product is within their reach could learn from it (and perhaps be inspired to act).

It starts with a free custom “Electronic Marketing Analysis.” The process starts way low – something of value for just a name and email address. Address ain’t abused, everything remains totally can-spam compliant (you’ll never buy a product from someone who abuses your email address).

From there the offer becomes the $20 preview call (this year, December 4th). Not only does the product come with a year-long money back guarantee but a lot is a stake here. Imagine how much content Alex has to deliver for $20 to convince you to pick up his very expensive training program. This is really as much a numbers game as it is a sales game.

And then, the Teleseminar Secrets full course. First class session is on December 8 and the “doors close” 2 days earlier. Why would anyone close a cash-cow like this? If anyone is going to spend the kind of money Alex asks them to spend, people need to know they are spending the money on someone who can be trusted. You’d be surprised how many people are taking the class this year because they didn’t believe Alex last year.

So clean this model, … give them good free content to show them the value, show them money spent on this path is money well spent, over-deliver and stay true to your word.


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