(Free) Minisites Webinar Next Week

Wednesday, December 3, 4p Pacific / 7p Eastern
Mini Sites With Paul Colligan And Jim Edwards

For the details, send a blank email to minisitewebinar@aweber.com

If you know anything about me, you know I came from the world of Microsoft FrontPage (you remember it, it was that simple WYSIWYG program for making Web sites). That world has gone away as the “powers that be” have tried to make Web Design harder and harder (and much harder than it needs to be). Yes, Microsoft actually killed the FrontPage product for another product that, well, I'm not impressed.

There have been three trends in the marketplace to respond to this simple fact.

  • Many have chosen to Blog instead of create HTML pages. I understand this response and am somewhat guilty of it myself.
  • Some have picked the product XSite Professional as a replacement for FrontPage. I don't blame others for this and certainly own a copy too.
  • Some have embraced the “Mini Site” teachings of my old friend Jim Edwards. Jim is KING of getting stuff done the fastest and easiest way possible.

Last time I chatted with Jim, I found out that he's “updated” his whole Mini Site philosophy to what he calls “Mini Sites 2.0.” I, personally, think it deserves a 3.0 or even 4.0 upgrade myself – but that is another story all together …

Next Wednesday, Jim and I will be doing a (Free) Webinar where we'll be chatting his new take on things. I made him give me an outline of what he wants to cover and here is what he's promised …

First of all, we're going to use a new tool to create a REAL mini-site LIVE on the webinar in 4 1/2 minutes. That should be fun!

Also promised (you know Jim likes to teach …)

  • Specifically how “real” multi-million and multi-BILLION dollar companies use mini-sites to promote products (and you'll even see a “sneaky trick” one multi-million dollar company is using to test which version of their mini-site is getting the best results so you can cash in too!)…
  • The one-and-only “magic” formula (Jim's phrase – not mine) for cashing in online (he claims everything else is just a more complicated version of this simple, POWERFUL formula you MUST know and understand).
  • The “online funnel” business model that made Jim a millionaire — and why he's ABANDONED that model forever! (You read that right… he took the business model that made him a millionaire and threw it in the trash! Find out WHY you should too!)
  • The NEW “wagon wheel” business model and why it's easier and faster than the old model (and a lot more fun too)!

Want access directions?

Send a blank email to minisitewebinar@aweber.com and we'll get you the details and access information (it's Aweber.com so you know you can unsubscribe at any time and it will be honored accordingly).

I love doing Webinars with Jim – it should be a great time for all!

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