On The Death Of Pownce And Other “Surprises.”

On my massive to do list is a strategy for leveraging “Pownce” in my marketing efforts. It was a good strategy too – was gonna help me accomplish a few very strategic things …

If you haven't heard, Pownce is being shut down, and quickly.

I'll say it here – in every way, Pownce is/was a better service than Twitter.

But, … Twitter already had the hearts and minds of everyone (that will embrace such a service). In fact Kevin Rose, the most powerful “name” behind Pownce is the number 2 “most popular” Twitter user on the plant. The only person to beat his is President Elect Obama.

Hard to sell a product when the man behind it is famous for embracing the competitor.

There is an important lesson here. Whereas I'm surprised at the speed by which Pownce is closing down, nothing surprises me about her demise.

Twitter is, and will remain, the default microblogging service in the minds of most. It is the Microsoft Word, Windows, VHS, Blu-ray, or Starbucks of this strange little communication subset despite her flaws, downtime, and silly name (they all have silly names, but that's another post all together).

It is important to remember the difference between the “best” and the “popular.” Whereas one might win you awards or the (all too important) “geek street cred,” it is the numbers that will make something of your efforts.

As much as I love my shiny new MacBook Pro (and I do mean love), I never would have purchased the thing without the ability to run Windows on it. I don't care how pretty (and it is pretty) an OS is – I need it to do the job I want it to do. I spend the majority of my time in OSX but when I need to, I can run Windows (the lesser tech).

People keep asking me which is better – audio or video. I've yet to come up with the snappy answer this question deserves but the truth is this – DEPENDS ON WHAT YOU'RE TRYING TO ACCOMPLISH.

You wouldn't believe the email I get harassing me about my pushing of the Teleseminar Secrets program, but that facts are simple – as better as Webinars or Podcasts are, there ain't a person in my market ‘scared' to pick up a phone. I reach a ton of people via teleseminar that I wouldn't reach via Podcast and then, get this, I Podcast the recording to get and even bigger audience – it's the ultimate “two-fer.”

Stop being “surprised” when a “lesser” technology wins.

It isn't always about the tech – it is about what we do with the tech.

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