The “New Media Expos” Merge – And My Thoughts On The Merger

Update: Finally spoke with Rick (my delay, not his). Results are here.

Update: Rick from BlogWorld called to “answer the questions” and we’ll be chatting soon. I expect nothing but great things to come from this conversation.

You may or may not have heard by now but Tim Bourquin’s New Media Expo and Blog World & New Media Expo have merged.

I am concerned. Previous to finding out about the merger, I had shared my feelings about the event with the leadership at BlogWorld Expo (before merger news broke) and they have told me they “hear” me. We’ll see, and I promise to report accordingly. In all honestly, they seem like a nice group of people but performance has been a serious issue in the past.

A decent Google search will tell you of Blog World Expo’s past public problems. From numerous missing speakers to payments (claimed) not made, these guys have a very serious public relations problem to deal with. My personal dealings with them have been the source of frustration for both past events to the point of where I simply had no desire to attend. Great people were there and some business was done but, … I just don’t have the stomach for these thing.

From a pure execution standpoint, take a look at last year’s schedule for the Podcasting track (obviously, I don’t think this link will remain up long), there were more empty slots than filled ones. I can’t guess how that happened.

And this YouTube Video demonstrates some of the problems the site is having … (click through to the Blog World Expo video if you don’t see the video embedded).

Now, I use the word concern – but I want to make things very clear.

A) I will be at next year’s event and recommend that you attend as well. It is the only event now and not only do I have no choice but this is a “if you can’t beat them, join them” kinda thing. This is now the event to attend, regardless of execution. The New Media makers (text, audio, video, etc.) need to meet face to face on a regular basis.

B) I understand execution problems and I’m sure someone some day will make a video of my Blog’s failings (there are plenty). I just thought the issues in the video were humorous. And when someone does such a video, make sure you include the Web Address in the YouTube Video Page so I too can enjoy the Web traffic that it will bring.

C) I would LOVE to fill this Blog with stories of how the event is getting better and what they’re doing differently this year. I’ll be in contact with all involved and hope to do just that.

D) Vegas in October is at least somewhat cooler than Vegas in August.

See you in Vegas everyone …

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