Your Social – Or Mine – Or Zuck’s (George’s)?

So, … Google has Friend Connect to bring us all together. Twitter has joined forces with them so we know this is going to be something big.

Microsoft’s Zune Insider certainly hasn’t abandoned the “Social” of but as this FriendFeed link shows, they’re, at the very least, expanding their thoughts on what the “Social” means (subscribe to them – snooping in on what they’re doing is extremely valuable market research).

So, is it all folding into one big heep of “convergence love?” This is a question we need to answer sooner than later.

FriendFeed’s impact is considerable on two levels – a) the technology of FriendFeed proper is very impressive and well worth a look (I’m here) but b) the ability (via FriendFeed) to bring all this RSS together into a single location is, and has always been, the “promise” if you will of Web 2.0 and RSS.

We built Premiumcast on that “promise.” Do you think Ed Dale could have sold the Thirty Day Challenge Plus Memberships he did if he told the world they had to download special software and use special devices to make it all work? Watching that man tell hundreds on a uStream broadcast that “it just all runs through the iTunes you already have (or should have)” sent chills down my spine.

This stuff is really happening …

But, oh, Facebook … Zuck’s Place if you will … so clean, so crisp, so simple. As the joke goes, I know people who have “left the Internet” for his closed system.

But it’s not just Facebook.

George Tran who brought the Internet the extremely powerful and important 1ShoppingCart (disclosure, my private labels of – FrontPageCart and Automate Sales – have been some of my most profitable online ventures), has recently launched eHive claiming it’s your own personal social network. Impressive features – impressive pricing – don’t think I haven’t considered it.

So, your social? Mine? Zuck’s? FriendFeed? One that hasn’t launched yet?

Leave your comments below …

Enjoy this clip from Almost Famous – my favorite movie ever. Because, everyone … it is all happening.

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