On Podcast Networks, Blog Worlds, And “Business”

Before I shut down for the holidays, there are two issues that deserve further commentary: my statement that “the only [Podcast] ‘network’ that matters is Revision3” and my “concerns” re the merger of the “New Media Expos.” I’ll hit both of these issues here.

Re “Podcast Networks Not Mattering,” let me try that one again.

When I say “not mattering” I mean, plain and simple, the only Network that carries any cache with it is Revision3. When Rev3 launches a new show, I will take a look because it comes from Rev3 – I know it will be quality and I know it will have the potential to be viable in the marketplace. When Blubrry, Mevio, TPN, Podango, Libsyn, et all launch a new show, that which gets me to consume will be the topic or players involved, not the network source.

Statements like a network “not being afraid of Podcasting” is so far from the point that I can only assume I haven’t made myself clear. The provision of adverting buys and hosting technologies are extremely important for this industry but they remain a commodity that can be swapped at a moment’s notice were someone to fail. Some players in this space are doing a bang-up job, but they are still a commodity.

For the record, my own Premiumcast.com falls into that same category.

In addition, the desire of some (but not all) networks to lock content distribution options in the name of tracking proves that the rules aren’t entirely written yet.

Simply said – the content matters, the means whereby which the content is delivered, does not.

Re “Blog World Expo concerns,” I spent an hour on the phone with Rick Calvert of BlogWorld Expo and now have something to report. His explanations for the issues I raised were answered and the answers were acceptable to me at least. Going into the muck and mire of the past is pointless at this point so I’ll comment on issues only viable this month.

Re my video of their Blog RSS problems, the answer was that the news launched before the site was “ready.” I’ve been in those shoes before. The site is fixed and running fine and has been since late in the day when I pointed these issues out.

Re attending the event, I’m still planning on doing so and, as per my previous post, still don’t know in what capacity. It was Rick’s statement that he’d like to do business accordingly, and I echo the same. The question is, (and now this becomes a business issue) can we come to terms that make sense?

The thing that did definitely become apparent to me was that not only is Rick in the business of producing the Blog World Expo, but he is also attempting to make this show very much about the business of Blogging and New Media. That approach and angle I support COMPLETELY.

Tim attempted the same with Podcast Expo but the audience seemed to want the more “unexpo” event more typical to PodCamps and the like. Different strokes for different folks, but the business side of this is, at least, why I do this for my day job.

It is also what excites me about Rick’s event.

I’ll be there in October and hope you will be too. I promise that if I come on as a speaker or in some other capacity (booth, partner, etc.), I’ll let you know here.

I appreciate your comments below on either topic.

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