Macworld 2009 Keynote Notes

As always, I’m liveblogging the livebloggers. My favorites this year are Slashgear Live and the always well done Engadget Coverage. O.k., Gizmodo too. My thoughts below:

iLife09 – New features in iLife sound very cool (and I’ll be upgrading). iMovie looks like they’re bringing back some of the “older” features which is only good. It’s a powerful product and a good chunk of new media types don’t need the more expensive solutions (at least initially). The audio functionality and image stabilization will be welcome features indeed.

Twas frustrating to see no new Podcasting elements in Garageband 09 – not that I used previous versions to produce a single cast anyway.

iWork 09 makes me a little sad. Pages is what Microsoft FrontPage could have been. I guess that’s a past life though … will be interesting.

The new MBP is too big for me and travel but, wow, I love the 8 hour battery charge life.

iTunes Changes … 1) Pricing changes were inevitable. 2) More in the DRM free libraries were obvious as well. 3) Music store over 3G – very cool.

Now if they’d just lift the 10 meg limit on Podcasts over 3G.

Tony Bennet ends with “The Best Is Yet To Come.”

Somehow, I believe him.

I guess I’m off to the show floor now.

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