25 Things About Paul Colligan

If I’ve learned anything from Internet Marketing This Week, it’s that when Michelle or Lynn tell you to do something, you do it.

After being tagged by Michelle on this whole 25 things meme, I figured I’d respond. Yes, this whole thing made circles 2 years ago as ‘5 things’ – but they’re remaking Friday the 13th too.

1. I worked graveyard shift at an all night restaurant during my junior year of college. The stories will become a book or movie one day.

2. That video you see of Brandenburg Gate on New Years Eve when the Wall fell, I’m in there somewhere.

3. That video you see of the crowd in the Michael Jackson movie “Moonwalker,” I’m in there. Sadly, front row.

4. Graduated 3rd in my high school class.

5. So few of my (very small) high school class went to college that the stat in #4 is pretty much meaningless.

6. My college degree is in political science. Yup, sure using that one.

7. As a kid, I thought there was no better science fiction on television than Battlestar Galactica.

8. As a 38 year old, I think there is no better science fiction on television than Battlestar Galactica.

9. I’m not sure, and open to suggestions, what my drug of choice will be after Battlestar Galactica is finished. Only 7 more episodes yet. Did Tigh throw himself on the grenade?

10. I loves me the Hall and Oates.

11. My 5 year old daughter prefers 80’s music over pretty much everything else right now. Dad is proud.

12. After getting the home office built-out in the basement (7 years ago), I’ve secretly done nothing else in the basement because, gosh darn it, I like my cave.

13. Favorite movies: Almost Famous, Star Wars, Broadcast News, Wrath of Khan, Casablanca.

14. I’ve got a plot in my head for an opera, yes an opera.

15. I’m a (microbrew only) beer and pub food man in a wine and gourmet world.

16. Video games played against friends – excellent. Video games played against a computer – boring.

17. Once caused an East-German guard with a machine gun to yell at me.

18. Never saw myself as a Daddy to daughters (somehow just assumed sons). Would have it no other way now.

19. I loved Vanilla Sky and thought it was a work of genius. Feel that way about anything Cameron Crowe has done.

20. Got a letter from the President of NBC about a programming recommendation I made. I was 8 at the time.

21. Missed the Superbowl yesterday because my daughters were in a production of the Nutcracker originally scheduled for December. For those not in Portland, we had some crazy snow in December.

22. I filmed the whole thing in HD.

23. Did we watch the Office or anything cool last night when we got home? No, we watched the tapes of the performance.

24. Today, I edit the thing.

25. I’d have it no other way.

I’m supposed to tag some others here. How about Chris Christensen, Sherman Hu, and Simon Leung?

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