Why Do People Do This To Themselves? Do You Do This To Yourself?

It seems to simple …

Create media, be the media, own the media.

Pick the media – written word, spoken word, video – whatever.

Kill the middleman.

Enjoy the profits.


Host it on someone else’s site / domain name / URL.

Or as they say in some areas of the country: flush it all down the toilet.

So that when they go down, you go down with them.

Or, if you try to move, their association with your content make it almost impossible to depart.

Heck, half the time, they even sign away their rights when they click those “I agree” buttons.

I’m talking bloggers who host at a free hosting service and put up with http://myhardwork.someoneelsesdomainname.com – and then spend their time promoting that very domain name.

I’m talking podcasters who sign with organizations that force a url of http://www.myhardwork.someoneelsesdomainname.com – and then force their audience on that service.

I’m talking video makers who think promoting http://www.sometube.com/me is a good idea. Did you get a part of the action when they sold to Google?

Why do people do this to themselves?

I understand that hosting large/popular media files can be an issue but you can always host the files somewhere else, and point back to your own domain in everything you do.

Domains are $7.99 a year at 1PlaceForEverything.com. They also have a cheap hosting – as does Bluehost and PowWeb. The options are plentiful – do a Google search.

If your media isn’t worth that much to you, why are you even creating it?

What am I missing here?.

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