YouTube And Satellite Radio – There’s Money In Them There Downloads

TechCrunch reports that YouTube hopes to “boost revenues” with downloads. Over at Podcast News, they’re covering the same issue with a “YouTube Goes Offline” angle.

Remember last April when I suggested that “You Can’t Handle The Truth About Podcasting?”

Also in the news – the demise of satellite radio (of which I said 2 years ago was a gimmick, not a format) has Howard Stern pondering the paid Podcast.

And, let’s not forget that Google is getting out of the radio advertising space (something I told them they would do when I went down to do the New Media Mavericks presentation).

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again … the format of choice embraced but folk in “big media” isn’t meeting “new media’s” needs (and I don’t think it ever will).

There’s money in them there downloads.

Howard, Google, welcome to our club.

There’s money here and …

There’s room for everyone.

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