On The Launch To Podcast Secrets 2009 – Taking The Show On The Road

Podcast Secrets is going to take no prisoners this year. I’m amazed at the stuff we’re prepping – and you will be too.

You’re save the date moment is here – April 9, 2009. Be available that evening, trust me …

But is there anything between now and then? Why yes there is, thanks for asking.

At the end of this month is the very cool Increase Sales With Social Media event. It’s February 26-28 in Newport Beach. Buy a ticket through my link (and send me the receipt) and I’ll buy you dinner Friday night of the event. You’ll see the first elements of the new Podcast Secrets there and, dear friends, attendees will be able to grab the class before anyone else. Did I mention I’ll be sharing the stage with Mike Koenigs, Dan Hollings, Matt Bacak and more?

March 6 and 7 I’ll be at the Teleseminar Secrets Reunion of my dear friend Alex Mandossian (co-instructor in Podcast Secrets). Alex’s alumni will be able to grab Podcast Secrets 2009 at an amazing alumni price at that event. If you’re in Teleseminar Secrets, you know all about the event by now.

On the night of the 7th, I’m red-eying out to Atlanta to hit the final day of Stomper Live 7. There I’ll be making a presentation on Podcasting’s future and rumor has it, the product might be available there as well – for a very special Stomper price. That’s just a rumor, of course. P.s., not Stomper but want to attend anyway? I can get you in, and at half price via this link (just use code SNL7-M).

March 27-29 is the very cool Internet Marketing Rockstar Event in (can you have an Internet Marketing Rockstar Event in any other place than) Vegas. Grab a “backstage pass” to the event via my link above (again, let me know you did) and I’ll bring a pre-loaded iPod with me for you to take home. Grab a “floor seat” and I’ll buy you breakfast. Other RockStars at the event include Deborah Micek, Anik Singal, Dave Lakhani, Matt Bacak, and more. What a thrill.

And then, April starts, and … Podcast Secrets 2009.

Thanks for joining me on this wild ride.

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