The Offer I Made On Twitter – And What It Means To You

At 910pm last Tuesday night, I made the following Tweet

“Check this out – – enter “friendofpaul” in the coupon code box.”

It took me 13 seconds to write.

Did it “work?”

There were clicks, we know that. There are always clicks. More than a thousand? Nope. More than a hundred? You bet.

And yes, I checked, these were clicks from unique ips that weren’t know robots. Real people clicks.

O.k., so there were clicks? Who cares. Were there conversions?


So, Paul, you’re saying nearly one out of every 10 people who clicked bought from a Tweet you wrote in 13 seconds?

Yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying.

The experts are completely and totally right, you can’t sell anything via Twitter. Don’t even try it. Please let me continue to fall flat on my face with this one. There is no money in it. Enter cool person social media cliche phrase here.

P.s., what is means to you … a) you might want to consider the offer – it’s a good one b) you can make sales by Twitter. it won’t happen if you just sling deals at people but if you build a rapport with people who know, like, and trust you … 9% conversion on 13 seconds of effort.

p.p.s., ’nuff said. Or is it? Would love your thoughts …

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