Zune.net Podcast Directory Goes Web Based … Fascinating

So, quietly, the Zune.net Podcast Directory went web based (or at least has a web-based option). I wish I could tell you I got this content through some executive briefing that gives me hope for the future but … I read about this change in the Zune Insider as a sub-point of content (relating to some down time). I hope somebody up there understands how important this is.

However, let's be honest, I'll take what Zune News I can get (especially when it has to do with Zunes and Podcasts).

There's nothing fancy here in this release, but it certainly does the job (and sure beat's Apple's offering in this space). There are links to download everything and audio Podcasts can be streamed (if you have Silverlight installed). There are also options to review Podcasts. I've reviewed each of the Podcasts listed below – for obvious reasons. And yes, sure, we'd love a review or two from the audience as well.

  • The Zune Luv Podcast – How could I not mention this one? Don't you think the content at ZuneLuv.com has been getting better lately? No, I'm not writing it right now.
  • Internet Marketing This Week – I'm having more fun with this one than I think I should be allowed to have with a Podcast.
  • Marketing Online Live – Did I mention we're revamping a “2.0” version of this right now? You're going to love it. New episodes coming very very very soon.

I can hear the complaints coming now but, let's face it: it's web-based, it's from Microsoft, it beats what Apple is doing, and it's the first new Web-based Podcast Directory to come out in years.

Your thoughts?

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