Podcasting Is Dead Meets Selling On Twitter Meets Urgency Sales – It’s A PaulColligan.com Meme Mashup


I love being able to test things and mash things up live on this Blog. Today we’re mashing up the whole Podcasting Is Dead / Selling On Twitter / Does Urgency Selling Work memes. Play along for fun?

Today at 5pm Pacific, I’m getting on the phone with Michael Geoghegan to deal with this whole “Podcasting Is Dead” thing once and for all. It’s a hot topic at my Blog and a huge topic at Mike’s. Meme #1.

As always, members of my New Media Inner Circle get front row access for free.

We’re also making this debate available to those who purchase the Business Podcasting Pack I’ve been marketing via Twitter. Yes, the offer in THIS TWEET still stands (until after we’re done with the call). Meme #2.

Now for those who have been playing along at home, the Business Podcasting Pack retails for $59.95 at Premiumcast.com. The coupon code “friendofpaul” gets you the whole pack for $20.00.

I’m taking down the coupon code after we’re done with the call tonight.

It’s still a deal at $59, but it’s a (I know, corny, but) steal at $20.

People say urgency selling doesn’t work. I say it does. Meme #3.

What say you? I’d love your comments below.

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