eMarketing 2009 Podcasting Report – “Podcasting Goes Mainstream”

Back in 2006, I seriously questioned the eMarketer findings in the Podcast Space. Three years later (and amazingly close to Podcast Secrets 2009), I couldn't be more thrilled with their most recent report.

I have it, I've read it, and I can tell you that “Podcasting Goes Mainstream” not only paints an extremely rosy picture of this space, but it does so without the hype we saw back in the early days.

One hot nugget: As you can tell from the free selection of the report, the Podcast audience continues to rise and the demographic of buyers is very near 1 in 4.

The report makes assumptions of the growing Podcast audience that are entirely plausible (and I'd dare say obvious). This is a far cry from previous equating of corporate Podcasting experiments with “Podcast advertising budgets.” At the same time they show some fascinating numbers in foreign growth that have already hit my whiteboard for future growth possibilities (anyone want to translate my stuff into Chinese?).

One of the conclusions in the report talks of the “availability” and “specificity” of the content as being some of the most attractive reasons for interacting with this space.

I couldn't agree more.

If you're serious about Podcasting and need some numbers to “prove” things internally, pick up the report.

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