iPhone OS 3.0 Update Thoughts

The iPhone has done amazing things for new media. They’re updating it to 3.0. Here are my thoughts as seen through the lens of Engadget and Crunchgear.

  • 13.7 million iPhones sold. Now that’s a market.
  • 25k apps and 800 million downloads from the store. Boooooyah.
  • Subscriptions coming. Told you. It is the model of the future.
  • Inside application ecommerce for the everyman. I thought it was going to be in iTunes – but even better here! You bet we’ll get that talking to Premiumcast.
  • Push notification. Dave, your Podcast is ready?
  • Hardware talks to iPhone. A true “portable” studio?
  • Cut and paste. Nice, but never was a deal killer for me.
  • MMS. About time. Always loved explaining to my friends with free phones why they can’t send pictures to my iPhone.
  • NO TETHERING. Bummer
  • Summer release. To be expected.

And, yes, we’ll be discussing these issues in Podcast Secrets 2009.

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