Marketing Online Live 2.0 …

It’s been a long time coming but Marketing Online Live is back – and this time she as at the “2.0” phase. I couldn’t be more thrilled. iTunes reflects the new look (we’ll see how long the other sites take to catch up). What’s “different” in this 2.0 release?

  • We’ll be doing some dynamic ad insertion. Not really for the cash, but to give our students in Podcast Secrets a lesson in how that part of the story works (and show what kind of stats are possible). Our platform? Libsyn Pro.
  • Show is now 10-minutes long. If we go over, we chop into multiple parts.
  • Show will be delivered every Wednesday at 8a Pacific. Hold us to that one.
  • New Website. This one ain’t live yet, but you’ll see her soon.
  • Premium Option. Yes, we’re introducing a low-price Premium Option for the show.
  • Oh yeah, EVERY WEEK. 52 shows a year.

Episode 1 (and 2) were taped via a phone bridgeline – but that won’t be the standard. Of course, keeping with the 52 shows a year schedule, we might just have to do that every once in awhile.

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