Powered By Premiumcast – Want To Be The Voice?

In the next week or so, you’ll be noticing something. All my Podcasts and training will all start with a quick 2 second piece that will say

“Powered By Premiumcast”

It’s a new marketing/buzz campaign I’m working on for Premiumcast that will include a number of very cool elements. This includes, but is not limited to, a blog that highlights projects “Powered By Premiumcast.” The idea is to stop making this about what I’m doing with Premiumcast – and start making this about what our customers are doing with Premiumcast.

Because they are doing some pretty amazing things.

So, everything I produce will have this audio. You know, a quick identifier – like the NBC “chimes” or the “Netcasts You Luv” bit that they do over at TWiT.

I could outsource this for a few bucks but I figured, let’s really go with this theme – and let’s really show how others are “Powered By Premiumcast.”

Send me a high quality recording of you saying “Powered By Premiumcast” in your best jingle/identifier voice. Use special effects or a quick bit of music if you can / think you should.

Post it online (comment here so we know) with a statement that we’re free to use and you have legal permission to the recordings contained within and …

We’ll highlight you at the new Blog (and at this one)

And in all my recordings.

And more …

And yes, there will be a prize coming your way too

I can’t wait to hear what you come up with.

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