Taking Control Of Your Brand Is “Flippin Amazing!” The Ninja Boys Do It Again

If you can’t view the YouTube Video above, click through to watch it first.

First the Podcast – most do that. Tens of thousands of you do that.

Then the t-shirts – a chunk of folk do that too. They got their first money from me there. Paid more for that shirt than I have ever paid for a t-shirt. Did it with a smile on my face.

Then the DVD – yeah, I bought one. Should have given them as Christmas presents.

Don’t forget the book – I would have purchased if they hadn’t have sent me one. BTW, twas the book that made me declare these guys Podcasting’s “first franchise.”

Now they have an iPhone app. It’s all about “killing pirates.” Who could possibly have anything wrong with that? It’s a lot of fun – and very well done.

The app demonstrates that they understand the value of interacting with their audience and not just “tapping into that crazy iPhone app money” meme most apps feel like these days. There are some fascinating media integration elements in there.

Sure, the Ninja makes me laugh but, … they do something even more important.

Please don’t miss this …

They have taken control of their brand.

And they’re doing mighty fine in the process.

Even in “this economy.”

Take control of your brand, ok?

Hat’s off guy, or should I say … head’s off?

And I believe that I am ninja too!

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