Multiple HD Cameras And I Didn’t Film A Thing …

Last week I had the privilege/thrill to watch the Space Shuttle take off. Did the whole official viewing platform at the NASA Banana Creek Viewing Site.

I brought multiple HD video cameras too.

Was pretty sure I’d be attempting to impress with my handiwork in the Blog a week later.

But during the tour the day before, one NASA worker encouraged us to “don’t film anything, just enjoy it.” He pointed out that there were a few zillion cameras already pointing at the thing (some of them even in HD) and that they were probably going to get better film than I ever was.

And, he also pointed out … I came a few thousand miles to see something pretty cool – and I might not want to view that through a viewfinder – even in HD.

It was awesome.

Even better than the real thing.

Enjoy this guy. Here’s a link in case you don’t have the clip embedded.

That Bono might be onto something.

If you need to see something from the trip, here’s a quick test I did of the iMovie 09 “Smooth Clip” feature (from my Colligan Channel).

Have a great weekend all – and for your North Americans, don’t just film the BBQ.

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