Why Twitter Matters (And Makes Me Money) – And Why So Many Miss It

I read with fascination a piece by old friend, mentor and (business) model Armand Morin entitled “Has Twitter Doomed Their Monetization.” Read it – great stuff.

Armand is a smart guy – a crazy smart guy. His “Big Seminar” event not only started the whole Internet Marketing “Event” business but it continues to run strong as all other simply build on it. Big Seminar XIII should be a fascinating event – but I digress.

Armand's article, in short, claims that Twitter's biggest problem is that it isn't a destination site. He stresses strong the point that YOU DON'T HAVE TO GO TO TWITTER TO USE TWITTER.

He's right.

He's dead on.

He couldn't be more correct.

Armand has made millions (and millions) online in destination sites – a web 1.0 model where you get people to come to your domain to do something that makes you money – it's the nuts and bolts of all things Internet Marketing but also commerce in general. I have nothing but respect for how well Armand has done doing just that.

Twitter has given us another option – and here's why …


I market all day long on Twitter. The different ways I do that is another book in content but in short, because YOU DON'T HAVE TO GO TO TWITTER TO USE TWITTER, I don't have to figure out ways to get my audience to visit my site to make money – I merely have to get them the information that makes me money.

Some get that information at Twitter.com. They click on through – awesome.

Others get it on their phone. They also click on through – good too!

Others click on through using one of the 8 zillion “Twitter programs.” I think the idea is a bit crazy – but their clicks are as good as anyone else's.

And, oh yes, I track these clicks – they're good – all good.

Is my clickthrough rate on a Tweet higher than an email? Nope!

Do I “tweet” a lot more times per day than I send out emails? Yep!

Is that “the best” strategy? Time will tell.

I've seen over 300 clicks from Twitter today so far that will generate cash for me. Twould I have bought these via PPC, they would have cost me a little over $500.

Twitter matters a lot.

Now, I know Armand's piece was about Twitter's monetization problems.

It's actually even easier.

Twitter connects me with thousands of people who want to see my messages at the time, place, and device of their choosing. It doesn't get better than that. I can use those message to generate a revenue stream so the second Twitter asks me to to pay, … I will.

If they want to offer me “premium” options that help me do what I'm doing better … I'll pay.

And so will anyone who takes Twitter seriously.

That's why she matters.

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