Why A “Free” MP3 Player And A “Hookup” Is Always Worth Considering

So today Russell Brunson launched his “Micro-Continuity” program by giving away a free (he really does just charge shipping and handling of less than $10) MP3 player filled with the audios from his recently sold out event on the same topic. Brilliant model.

In the very first recording on the player he tells a story of working in an all-night diner when a friend of his came in and begged Russell to give him free coffee. In return, the friend promised to “hook him up.” The friend left Russell with a ten dollar tip and Russell paid the buck for the coffee and pocketed a tip of nine dollars. Had he not told the friend “sure,” the tip would have been a few nickels at best. We all have that kind of friend and can identify accordingly.

In this jaded world of Internet Marketing, you have to grab someone’s attention. A free MP3 player certainly does that.

Now you can probably guess the program after the free player. Russell “gives” a 14 day trial of his club and offers a few upsells and downsells. I’m sure conversion is great.

But here are the two elements of this program that I love:

I’ve been preaching the power of the pre-loaded media player for more than 3 years now. We did it with Podcast Secrets for the last three years to great success. It is a kick in the pants to see someone take it on such a significant launch. Face it, a FREE MP3 player screams “hook up” when in this New Media space the availability of free “valuable” content leaves few interested anymore.

BTW, if you do grab it, listen to the content before you erase the thing. Great stuff. Russell has an amazing mind.

The other element of a physical and virtual product offering with continuity in the back-end probably took Russell a great deal of $$ to pull off. We’ve had all that functionality in Premiumcast.com for some time now (for opportunities such as these). I have a feeling Russell’s launch will help me sell more new users into Premiumcast than I’ll ever direct his way.

I love this business.

We’re in an experience economy whether we like it or not. Whereas I’d love the value of content to stand alone, people still love a physical shell wrapped around all of it. A delicate balance of the physical and the virtual is coming soon – look for it.

If you interested in this model and further thoughts on it, I’ve got a 10 minute video over here. Don’t worry, though you don’t have to pay to watch it.

I’ll hook you up.

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