The Syndication Of Comments Too!

One of the reasons I’ve done the big update on (btw, the theme you’re seeing as I write this isn’t the final theme – that’s being worked on too), is because there are a number of features possible in the newer versions of WordPress that I want to make use of.

One of the most exciting to me is what I’m calling comment syndication. If you notice now, at the bottom of each entry, you’ve got the ability to comment on any of my posts (through the service Disqus) via Facebook, Twitter, OpenID, etc. In addition, you can even leave a video comment.

And since we integrate with these features, the comment and the commentary will go out to all of these channels. In short, comments are being syndicated to.

And, … why shouldn’t they?

Leave a comment via Facebook, Twitter, Seesmic and the like – and get a great idea of how this works.

And, yes, all this stuff works via the iPhone interface too!

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