About The Facebook Changes

Major changes at Facebook. My buddy Ed Dale sums things up perfectly. Read his post before you go any further.

Here's what I'm doing / going to do about it.

  • I've set up a “Fan Page” for myself at Facebook. It's “feels” weird (can't we all just be friends?), but the rules now demand. I encourage you to play along at home and “fan” me. While you're at it “unfriend” me – I'll explain more why later.
  • My “ethical bribe” for people “fanning” me is a free Webinar (I'll release details only to the “fans”) on how we did this. I'll share what worked, what didn't, and even give a few templates.
  • I will be publishing a “it's not you, it's me” letter (props to Ed Dale for teaching me this concept) and unfriending friends in the thousands.
  • I will not look back.

Funny thing is, despite the headache of all this, I'm actually very much looking forward to the end product. I'm so excited to finally be able to use Facebook “like everyone else” that I truly believe it will be worth the trip. I've been pondering this move for awhile (again, thanks Ed) and now that Facebook is forcing it – let's make it happen.

Of course, “fan me” and you can attend the Webinar for free where I'll tell if you if it all really worked.

Would love your thoughts below (after you “fan” me, of course)

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