So I’m looking to the year in front of me (with kids in school I tend to think in terms of the school year) and I’m looking to do two simple things (in my business at least): A) spend more time doing the things that make me money and B) spend less time doing the things that don’t make me money.

Seems like an easy enough concept, right?

Some of those things in “B” need to be done regardless if they make money or not.  So, enter the wonderful world of outsourcing …

I’ve got an incredible assistant who I simply don’t give enough work to.  She’s going to be getting more and I’ll be better for it.  I might also take some basic regular repetitive tasks and source them out to an organization that specializes in that kind of thing.

This is a great idea, of course, only if I use the time to create more revenue.

So as I plot all this out, I’ll share with you my final results.  I would, however, love your thoughts on the topic and grab any secrets, ideas, etc. you have on the topic.  Do you outsource anything in your business?  If so, how is it working out for you?  What are the gotchas?  What do I need to do instantly?

I look forward to your comments …

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