7 iPhone Apps That Make Me Money

I love my iPhone, but let me tell you something else … I can write this thing off on my taxes a dozen times over. A few of the apps on this bad boy make me money time after time and I thought I’d share them with you here. The links will open up iTunes if you have it on your computer.

Omnifocus. This is the ultimate GTD (“Getting Things Done”) App for the iPhone. It syncs with OmniFocus for Mac so I’m not sure how powerful it would be for a PC user. You make money by getting things done. This app helps me do just that.

Tweetie. Twitter apps are a waste of time. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: you don’t need a Twitter strategy, you need a microblogging strategy. Tweetie integrates with Ping.fm so I can UberSyndicate and UberPublish according to my profitable networks according to plan.

Facebook. I actually can’t confirm that this makes me money yet, but with my focus on Facebook Fan Pages, I’m sure it will. Here’s a Webinar I did on the topic if you are interested.

Analytics. If you know what’s happening at your sites you can make the decisions that make you the money. Google Analytics is the default site tracking system (I remember when we had to pay for this stuff) and Analytics has a better interface to read GA’s content than Google has ever provided. I can make decisions that make money because of this app.

iTalk Recorder. I’ve created Podcast (free and Premium) and product content on this thing time and time again. I know there are other recorders out there but for some reason, this one does it for me.

WordPress. I didn’t write this article on the iPhone, but I have written a number of these posts on my iPhone.

Slydial. Sometimes, the worst possible thing you could do is get involved in a 2 hour phone call when you just need to leave some basic information for the person on the other end. Every time a make a Slydial, I get the job done.

What about you? One day I’ll do a post on the cool iPhone apps but, right now, what’s on your phone that helps you generate revenue?

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