Is RSS Dead?

After listening to (o.k., watching), the fabulous TWiT #228 on my Roku over the break, I’ve decided to test a few things here at There was some discussion about the relevancy of RSS and content subscriptions, etc. that I need to look into.

You’ll need to bear with me for the next few weeks and help me in this test. I’ll need you to click through to read the rest (please do if you’re interested in this topic).

You see, I’ve made my blog available since day 1 as a full feed. This meant that anyone subscribed to could read it in the RSS Reader of their choice without ever having to visit the site. I liked it this way (and still do) because the concept was simple: me meeting you on your terms was the essence of Web 2.0.

Despite attempts otherwise, we all know that RSS stats are pretty weak. I’ve got my numbers over at Feedburner – and am very happy with them – but it is time to get a better idea of who is really “out there.”

As a result, I’m going to, for the next few Blog posts, require a click-through to read the rest of the story. I’ll be tweaking the blog, blog rss and other social media strategies to follow along and then will share my results accordingly.

And, by about February, I’ll open up the feeds again. No need to visit this site if you’ve got the content coming to you. If you’re reading me, it’s the least I can do.

Anyone want to predict the results of this little test?

Updated: Made a few changes to the RSS over at Feedburner.

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