Facebook Page Post Insights (Metrics) And 3 Ways To Respond

Facebook recently turned “Page Post Insights” on for Facebook Pages of all sizes. This was something once only the “big guys got” and now it's available for all of us.

What does this mean? You can now see the amount of impressions a Facebook Wall Post – this includes people who visited your page and people who saw your page content in their individual streams. This is pure data gold for anyone trying to maximize their Facebook game.

How can you leverage / respond to these numbers? Let me give you three things that you should start doing TODAY.

Monitor engagement trends. Yes, Facebook does the very wonderful thing of pushing your page content into the social stream of anyone who has “liked” your page but we all need to face the fact that we aren't the only ones in anyone's stream. Our content many times will be 4 “older posts” clicks away when our audience is only willing to read the first 2 pages whenever they log on. Strategic timing in your posting can increase your engagement numbers by up to 27% (or at least they have around here). Each audience is different – and you need to understand what's best for your audience accordingly.

Track your clicks. Yes, “engagement” brings up all those lovey dovy social media feelings but the clicks are what make us money (don't even get me started on the recent trend of terrible “in Facebook” store options). Examine your percentage of clicks to impressions (or likes) and you're going to find some really interesting things. Make sure you got tracking that can tell Facebook clicks from other clicks.

Compare to other methods. If a list of 1000 Facebook Fans brings a 8% clickthrough rate (80 clicks) but a mailing list of 10,000 brings 500 clicks (a number many would be happy with), you now understand why I'm so bullish on Facebook. Does that mean scrap your list, NO, but it does mean that you want to make sure that you hang out where your list hangs out.

P.s., stop calling it a list, call it a tribe.

Bonus. If they really are your Tribe – you can always use Facebook to build that “list.” You then get the best of both worlds this way.

Below is a YouTube Video on Facebook Metrics that I put together re this topic. You'll need to click through to watch if you can't see it below.

Thoughts / questions on this one? It's a big topic but one definitely worth exploring.

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